Bla bee boop

Metal Slug

Metal Slug is so cool! Heavy Machinegun! Crab-Tank!

Been playing since I was a little kid on the arcades, Metal Slug 2 and 3 are my favourites! and 1 and 4!

My biggest achievement is getting to Mission 5 without dying, and I hope one day to beat a Metal Slug using only one credit! >:0

Hype Cactus!

2018! Hype!

The first week I was feeling sick and so it was unproductive, together with some other stuff on the way I could not focus. However now I got some good news, productivity is back and I just feel hype!

Cactus Hype! ech! >v9

Bye bye 2017 Hello 2018

Small collage of some of my favourite art from this year! I do not want to ramble too much, but it has been a good year overall; I think I am healthier than ever and slowly more productive, I have finished and published Red Handsome Hood, learning so much about game development, scheduling, boring stuff and myself; and I have met a super cool person with glasses (ech ech!) and a duck!!!!!!


Also I work as a programmer & animator for Cuicui Studios, in 2017 they released Cuibrain, a brain training game about guinea pigs. Go check it out!?


I still have to play Cuphead (I want to play co-op!) and Mario Odyssey (not enough time!)

But I have played a whole lot of other games (mainly multiplayer and more than I can remember) that are not from 2017 but still super fun!
Here are the ones I enjoyed the most:

And now that is enough goodbyes!

Hello 2018! Here I am going to list my resolutions/goals (go go do your best!)

  • Finish next game!
  • Draw better & more!
  • Experiment better & more!
  • Healthy better & more!
  • Schedule better!
  • Play better & more!
  • Language +1!
  • More cheese and fun!
  • Bla bee boop!

More or less or something

Happy new year! 😃


Doodle I made during December for avatars! Two cools

This last month of 2017 has been very cold, lazy and weird. Not very productive but I was expecting it not to be! (Plus I got a Switch for Christmas and I have been playing Zelda and Splatoon A LOT) Also taking the chance before 2018 to attempt at organising my life a bit and look back at this last year, a lot of good things have happened, I have learned many things and while there have been ups and downs, I am overall happy with this year only hoping to improve next year!

Do not catch a cold!

(I think I am ech)


Text, for once I will just write some text. A blog? That too.

Bla Bee Boop

Its the first post! Hoii!

EDIT (09-10-2017): Its the first edit! Oii! Getting the blog ready once more =v= Im so slow at this, testing out some images settings, doin’ good

EDIT(04-11-2017): Sstarting small, with a light simple free theme (thanks “Davis”!); One of the mistakes I often make is to wait until something it’s all built and perfect, but that delays me starting to write stuff (which Idunno what I will write aboot but I feel like it is nice to have a blog to dump things to)