Bla Bee Boop

Its the first post! Hoii!

EDIT (09-10-2017): Its the first edit! Oii! Getting the blog ready once more =v= Im so slow at this, testing out some images settings, doin’ good

EDIT(04-11-2017): Sstarting small, with a light simple free theme (thanks “Davis”!); One of the mistakes I often make is to wait until something it’s all built and perfect, but that delays me starting to write stuff (which Idunno what I will write aboot but I feel like it is nice to have a blog to dump things to)

EDIT(12-07-2018): New theme, “Cubic” , I am not good at writing, so I am moving the focus of the blog to be more artistic something something I guess, I am not too happy with the font so I will have to fiddle around with themes, but for now is fine! I should get back to drawing tho oops