Bye bye 2017 Hello 2018

Small collage of some of my favourite art from this year! I do not want to ramble too much, but it has been a good year overall; I think I am healthier than ever and slowly more productive, I have finished and published Red Handsome Hood, learning so much about game development, scheduling, boring stuff and myself; and I have met a super cool person with glasses (ech ech!) and a duck!!!!!!


Also I work as a programmer & animator for Cuicui Studios, in 2017 they released Cuibrain, a brain training game about guinea pigs. Go check it out!?


I still have to play Cuphead (I want to play co-op!) and Mario Odyssey (not enough time!)

But I have played a whole lot of other games (mainly multiplayer and more than I can remember) that are not from 2017 but still super fun!
Here are the ones I enjoyed the most:

And now that is enough goodbyes!

Hello 2018! Here I am going to list my resolutions/goals (go go do your best!)

  • Finish next game!
  • Draw better & more!
  • Experiment better & more!
  • Healthy better & more!
  • Schedule better!
  • Play better & more!
  • Language +1!
  • More cheese and fun!
  • Bla bee boop!

More or less or something

Happy new year! 😃