Years at Cuibrain

Cuibrain is an app full of mini-games that are full of guinea pigs, brain training and multiple intelligences. An app developed by Cuicui Studios, where I started working in 2015 until May 2018. During my time at Cuicui I worked as the main developer & animator on their project Cuibrain and Baby Boogies, however Cuibrain is what took most of my time.

Working on Cuibrain has been quite the experience not only for me but for our team: I learnt to use a completely new engine to me (Unity3D), developed for mobile with all its downs, made an app full of minigames in which we had to be super lightweight (optimizing size whenever we could), used SVGs instead of images, went through a heck ton of rebuilding…

Did you know we had to make the app three times? Not joking, we entirely built the app and its games from scratch twice and redesigned it enterily once.

In the first year of Cuibrain we went from a release with 3 games to an app with currently 14 games. However we were very irregular with how we updated, we started with a consistent one game every one or two weeks to updating once a month at the very least, but being a small team working on the app some features required more pain than others and if you ever work on Free to play, there is way more than meets the eye: from crazy Analytics to engagement and retention without forgetting that at some point through that process you have to monetise your product.

I am happy with my work at Cuicui, even tho there are many many things I wish I could’ve dedicated more & better time to them; But I want to move onto something different and focus on my projects, but before doing so I wanted to dedicate a wallpaper drawing to a project I have worked for so long that includes every single one of the games released to date (and one that is on the works).

You can download Cuibrain on ▶️ Google Play or the 🍎 App Store right now for free!

My favourite games are: 🍹 Cui Drink, 🥊 Punch Pow, 🎄 Merry Cuistmas and ❔ Remember Cui

What are yours¿?

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