He-he-hey there! The disaster graduated but the ceremony alone is not enough!
I have always wanted to get a nice memory of my graduation but because of how it was planned most of my friends could not tag along... welp, I am making my OWN graduation collaborative mini-book thingy.

How so? Well by letting you and my friends do something fun!

How to participate:

Step 1 > Get the sample image

Step 2 > Draw on top of it how you imagine your graduated Gifte (Have fun doing so! IMPORTANT VERY)

Step 3 > Send it to me! Twitter

Step 4 > See how I update the book thingy! AND HAVE FUN WATCHING OTHERS


Let's make something cool!
I wanna epicly remember and celebrate my graduation with my friends and people! :D

-- Folder with all the photos received so far --

UPDATE 09/02/2016


Footer: Yes, that is a photo of me with pixel art on top
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